33 Responses to “Does your opinion matter? Does your vote count?”

  1. Richard Lawrtence said:

    To me my opinion matters because I do have a mind.

    My vote counts because it cost me enough when I pay taxes for what ever I purchase.

    That’s why every person should vote, because if you don’t then what ever happens you have to except it.

  2. Richard Lawrtence said:

    Yes my opinion counts.

    Yes my vote counts

  3. Valerie Mason said:

    I think my opinion matters. Yes, my vote counts

  4. chinda1 said:


  5. chinda1 said:

    Opinion only matters when someone is listening. Goverment only listens to those who can lobby the best and pass laws that can only benifit them and the major corporation that they represent. They don’t wanna hear from the little man, the only time they act like they care is on election year and that when they”start caring”.
    I don’t think my vote count maybe it’s because of my lack in faith of the goverment.Back in the days of the founding father of the nation it did count but in todays world the only thing that count is how much gov’t can help themselves and big businesses. They only make us thing it counts when it comes to them getting reelected.PLZ this is only my opinion,no negtive comments. THANK U!!!

  6. Ashim Pierre-Louis said:

    My opinion does matter, aswell as my vote. Just because i am one person does not mean my vote and opinion doesn’t matter. It may not appear as if it has any affect on the campaign, but just because it is not noticeable doesn’t mean it has no effect. So i do feel my opinion as well as my vote counts regardless if it it noticeable or not. Everyone who participates in the election plays a part that matters whether they know it or not.

    • chinda1 said:

      In some form or another your opinion does matter but I’ve been to the voting both and it’s as bad as waiting in line at the DMV.I seen where people just cant wait that long and they leave. Maybe its just been that Gov’t has always disappointed me. I do my fair share by paying my taxes but all you hear is how Gov’t officals mis use funds for their benifits.I’m over here work my tail off to try to go on vacation. HaHa lol!!
      C U in class Pierre AKA (KING)

  7. Jonathan Brown said:

    Your opinion, matters in your mind and whoever you want to keep the seair in the white house. I believe nothing changes with the economy, deficit think about it this decade the deficit increased and unemployment just increases as well. As americans we jus sit in he middle when the politicians we voted for spend our tax dollars

    Like I said earlier voting just changes which person sits in the white house, to see who can screw up the country worst than what it already is. Really think about it how are our tax dollars spent, why does the working class suffer and ones that don’t work well I’ll let that settle in you minds.

  8. tasha aadms said:

    to me everyone vote and opinion matters, but the only way that this could happen if you vote.

    • sulayman said:

      dont matter who you vote for, in the end the “high ups” will make the finally decision. how will you know.

  9. Josh Suber said:

    YES your opiniton does matter because if you do not voice your opinition than you could be the one person that didn’t say what they thought of something to make a differents.
    Your vote does count because your one vote could make a difference between who is elected and who is not.

  10. Solomon Togbah said:

    Yes, my opinion matter. But my vote don’t count because I’m not a U.S Citizen.

  11. Daniel Mejia said:

    It all depends on the situation, most of the time people say they want our opinion and when we give it all they say is that you have a point and that they will take it in to consideration. Although there are times when our opinion could actually sway a decision that is being made. Im not sure if my vote counts this will be the first time i get to vote, but in school I was told that it all really comes down to the electoral college and that they basically make the decision. I hope that my vote does matter and that I really am making a difference, otherwise whats the point?

    • Tenekia Barber said:

      I strongly agree. An opinion is just like life, its what you make of it. People ask for it but can’t really take the true meaning for it. Yes an opinion doesn’t mean much, but trust me, the person you are giving it to, is listening and usually later on, uses it to fix their point of view.

  12. Shamario whitley said:

    No one opinon matters. Because that is exactly what it is an opininon…its entirely what u think. WhAt really matters is the facts. If uyou dnt have that then its a bunch of hot breath seriously. But if some one would like to hear your opinion then thats on them. Now, everyone vote counts. Your vote is your opininon, but the difference is your vote is being requested. Other than that your opinion is your opinion.

  13. sulayman said:

    i don’t think my opinion matters because one voice one thought dose not speak louder than two or more. i would have to get many more people on my side to push my opinion foreword, but on my own….. its a lost cause. Voting? of course not, no matter who you vote for the “higher ups” will have the finally say. I don’t think it matters who wins anyways the president speaks for the people but who tells the president what to say? its not me is it you? Exactly.

  14. sulayman said:

    i do not think my opinion matters on my own, now if i can get others on my side than i will be heard by others. Voting? i do not think my vote counts because once you have voted the “higher ups” so to speak will make the finally choice. the president speaks for the people, but who tells the president what to say? if you did not know, the president does not write his speeches they are written by his spokes person and who told them what to write about? as you can see he is just a “puppet”.

  15. Seon McPherson said:

    I think opinion matters only when people ask for it. Sometimes people ask you to comment but really dont care much about it. People vote for who their told you to vote when they were younger. When they should vote for the person who they think would better the country.

  16. kayti said:

    yes my opinion matters when it comes to my life everything i do matters. when it comes to voting my vote could be what made a difference. It could be the big tye breaker and just because i wanted to voice my opinion it could be a better start to things.

  17. kayti said:

    Yes my opion matters when it comes to voting. its very important to vote so you can voice your opinion. My vote could be the tye breaker and the start of new begginings.

  18. Wendell Carter said:

    I think my opinion matters with my family and circle of friends. I am always asked by my wife or my kids what I think about a subject or issue. Whether they are affected by my opinion or not I dont know. But by looking at their actions in life, I know that I have a great influence on them. In the big picture, I think my opinion matters also. This is where my vote comes into account. I am expressing my opinion on the state of affairs in the local area in which I live, the state, and the nation when I cast my vote. I believe my vote is important and counts tremendously.

  19. shonialee said:

    I am one of the many that believes that my vote doesn’t matter. I don’t vote and I do not get involved in politics for that reason. Politics at the end of the day is all about who has the most money to be able to put on the flashiest campaign to get the voters to come out and support your cause.

  20. dgaddy05 said:

    Yes my opinion does matter, because everyone has there own rights. Each citizen in the United States should be able to voice their own opinion. Yes my vote also counts because, I have different beliefs from everybody else. Everyone has a say so in the Election.

  21. Kenya B said:

    Our opinions and votes do matter, but to a certain extent.

  22. Tenekia Barber said:

    Let’s see, does my opinion and vote count? I think it does matter and count. I think this because in order for us as a people to create solutions to the everyday problems, opinions give reason to fight a belief or question the unquestionable. So in general my opinion is one in a million, and because it stands alone, the power I posses to give it out loud, gives others a chance to think like me or challenge me in thought. My opinion counts, whether it is right then or in the near future.

  23. Michael Smith said:

    Yes my opinion matters because it’s my voice. For those who would take heed of it, it can change their point of view of things. For those who does not take heed, theres no need for them to even listen. They can just turn the other cheek.
    Yes my vote would matter if i even vote.

    Michael Smith

  24. Nathanael Jimenez said:

    I dont think my opinion matters to the government all to much, because the government doesn’t pay to much attention to it unless it affects them in a positive way financialy. I dont think my vote counts because even if a candidate gets more votes if they dont get a majority of votes in the electoral college they won’t win the presidentcy.

  25. Richard Lawrence said:

    They seam to find money for thing that aren’t useful but when it comes to finding money for our childrens education it’s not there, so how do we fix this in the future?

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